Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birthday Fire

Okay, I know I just posted something 3 minutes and 28 seconds ago. But I realized that I have a story that desperately needs to be told. This is the story of the "Birthday Fire." It goes like this:

Eleven days ago, on my last night in Arizona before coming back to Utah for the new semester, my parents threw me a kind of quickie birthday celebration, since my birthday had almost-but-not-quite arrived. Ah, the gloriously beautiful cake with happy little sprinkles dancing all over it, and flickering, tantalizing candles. I reached for it to draw it close so that I could blow my birthday wish into existence... Alas, I leaned too close.

"You're on fire!" my mom yelled (which was not exactly helpful) and proceeded to start blowing in the general direction of my hair (which was helpful). The nasty smell of burning hair filled my nose, and I realized what had happened only after the flames had been extinguished. My hair had been on fire. On. Fire.

The ends of the hairs on the left side of my head were curled in the semblance of velcro...and they were about two inches shorter.

I smelled like burned something for days.

Although I really intended to get my hair trimmed when I got back to Utah so people wouldn't ask questions, it never happened. I felt kind of like a heroic survivor.

And the story was just too good.

16 Random Facts About Me

Well, I apologize for my inconsistency in posting things. My dad recently said that my blog site was fraudulent, since the only posts on it are from a "younger self," and don't indicate who I am now as a 22-year-old. I had another friend who requested a list of random facts about me. So, in order to appease both parties, I therefore post: 16 Random Facts About Me. Why sixteen? I have no idea. Perhaps because it's a random number and meshes with the randomness of the facts.

1. I hate soggy things. In all forms and in all circumstances.

2. Before I was born, the doctors told my parents that I was probably going to be mentally retarded. I was born normal and then my grandma dropped me on my head. Maybe that explains some things...

3. I have always wanted to visit Italy, see the art museums, get lost once, and paint a landscape from a rooftop.

4. I love the sunshine. My roommates in the past have nicknamed me "Lizard" because most days they would come home and find me curled up in a patch of sunlight on the floor. I completely understand why so many civilizations worshiped a sun god.

5. The only two things I have been able to consistently collect throughout my life are scarves and books. And friends. But it sounds kind of creepy saying I collect people.

6. I love wise sayings and random quotations, and have amassed an enormous amount of them on paper, on my computer, and in my brain. I guess I collect those too.

7. I am ambidextrous and can do most things with either hand. However, I can only draw with my right and only cut with my left.

8. I am a word nerd, and have been editing my cereal boxes since junior high.

9. I can handle nails on a chalkboard with no problem, but I cringe at the sound of paper rubbing against paper--like the paper rubbing sticks people use in art classes.

10. When I was in fourth grade, I started a fad at my elementary school--I brought back the game of Jacks.

11. I can read a book upside down just as fast as I can read it right side up.

12. I have always wanted to climb a frozen waterfall with an ice pick, but would choose death over skydiving.

13. I have had 23 different roommates at BYU and have liked them all.

14. I have written two novels.

15. I love growing gardens and will eat home grown stuff over store bought any day.

16. I'm a sucker for sentimental movies, guys, and cards.

There you have it. Me in sixteen sentences--give or take a few.