Sunday, September 6, 2009

Road Trips

In honor of my being about to embark on a lovely road trip, the third this summer, I thought I would share that fact that I am a bit concerned about the outcome of said trip, and relate some tidbits of history to demonstrate why. In two days, I will be driving from Mesa, AZ to Las Vegas, NV, to St. George, UT, back to Las Vegas, and then up to Provo, UT, after which I will return to Mesa. I know, I know, it is not at all a very efficient nor logical path, however, since it is for a wedding, and weddings are also neither efficient nor logical (in general), it kind of fits.

Past events to warrant the fact that I have started praying for this trip nearly a week in advance:

1. Trip to a family reunion in New Mexico last year--car died twice, halfway there. As in, one radiator problem and one shredded tire.

2. Trip to the Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City--my tire tread caught on the road bumps and sent my car flying through the air into a ditch, where it skidded to a terrifying halt fifty yards further. I was saved by an ambulance-driving hick sent from God.

3. Trip from Provo to Concord, CA this past May--on a dark road in Fresno, not far from Yosemite, the reverse in the car went out and we ended up in a ditch. While being towed out via climber's webbing and a nice man with a big truck, I ended up in the middle of the road, trying to cut the twisted rope between the two cars before the headlights of another car screaming toward me put an abrupt end to my life.

4. Driving from Provo to Mesa--serpentine belt in my car went out and I ended up stuck in Cedar City for the next six hours, and then driving like a madman to make it home in time for my best friend's wedding.

5. Driving from Mesa up to school--Got lost and ended up meandering through five states on the way from Mesa to Provo, after staying a night in New Mexico.

6. Driving back to Provo from a weekend in St. George, we hit a blizzard that obscured vision so badly we were forced to crawl along, using overturned cars on the sides of the road as markers as to where the edges were.

Six examples from a very long list of the road trips of my life. All prayers for this next week are welcome.